Why Choose the JSR Academy?

JSR is one of the largest family-owned farming companies in the UK, incorporating JSR Genetics and JSR Farms which includes a large commercial breeding herd. We are passionate about rearing pigs to the very best welfare standards using state of the art technology.

JSR Academy offers top class training through a bespoke course covering every aspect of pig production to the highest standards in the UK.

At the end of the 18-month training scheme you will have gained knowledge and experience in all aspects of pig production and completed an array of qualifications, putting you in an excellent position for a future career within JSR or within the UK industry. We accept candidates from 18 years old with no age limit.

JSR Academy runs in conjunction with JSR Genetics which gives students access to training in our Nucleus Multiplication Pyramid, our AI Stud, and Gilt Selection, as well as with our top class geneticists.