JSR Genetics Ltd export high health breeding pigs to India

JSR Farms

In February 2020, JSR Genetics exported 262 Great Grandparent Gilts and Boars to India after winning a major tender in May 2019 to supply breeding stock to 6 North Eastern States.

The tender was prepared in March 2019 by John Alexander, International Account Manager at JSR Genetics via the Indian Livestock Mission and the Government of Mizoram State following several years of discussions. The United Kingdom Department for Trade and Investment (UKDTI) and United Kingdom Technical Advisory Group (UKTAG) supported visits with the help of Marcus Bates of UKTAG/BPA and the British High Commission.

After winning the tender, contracts were agreed and import permits were issued. Pigs were selected in December 2019 at two JSR Nucleus sites and put into UK quarantine in January 2020 for 30 days in preparation for export.

At the end of February, following successful vet testing, pigs were loaded onto specialist breeding stock transporters and taken to Schiphol Airport where they were transferred onto a plane to New Delhi. The animals were accompanied by Darren Farnsworth, Pyramid and Supply Chain Manager at JSR Genetics.

The shipment comprised of:

  • 131 Hampshire Gilts and 48 Hampshire Boars
  • 44 Large White Gilts and 17 Large White Boars
  • 15 Landrace Gilts and 7 Landrace Boars

Following arrival, the pigs are being quarantined for a further 30 days in New Delhi with additional vet testing before being distributed to the six North Eastern states in India. JSR Genetics will continue to provide technical assistance and genetic management services to the customers with the opportunity for follow up exports and expansion into the remaining two states in North Eastern India.

Tim Rymer, CEO of JSR Genetics, said “We are delighted to have delivered our high health breeding stock successfully with all pigs well and adapting to their new surroundings. We now need to make sure our customers get the best out of our top performing animals and we are confident that there will be additional deliveries when the benefits are seen by our customers.”