Renewable Energy

The term 'Renewables' covers a number of subject areas to do with energy production from a renewable source. One of the goals set by the JSR Board is for the Company to produce 20% of their energy requirements from renewables by 2020.

JSR are currently working in three areas of renewable energy:

• Energy crop of willow
• Solar PV arrays
• Wind turbine generation


Our 25ha of Willow at Southburn Farm was planted 11 years ago. Each year we harvest 1/3 of this area, which equates to approximately 250 tonnes of wood fuel (chips or billets) used as a renewable fuel. The majority of this goes for co-firing at Drax Power Station, with the remainder used for local heating schemes. Yields are amongst the very best in the UK, which is no doubt in part to the use of our own Liquid Gold!

Solar PV Arrays

JSR have installations at three sites; Southburn Head Office, Decoy Finishing Facility and at The Yorkshire Wolds Cookery School, at Highfield Farm, Southburn. The Southburn and Decoy installations are 50KW schemes, with the Yorkshire Wolds Cookery School operating on a 10KW scheme.

All electricity generated from the Southburn office panels is converted for use in the offices. At times when the offices are closed it is diverted onto Southburn Farm where it is utilised.

In our first three months the three sites had generated a total of 30,190 kWh paying a feed in tariff of £10,081.00! Total energy generated from the three sites as of 3 August 2012, is 59,538 kW/h with Southburn alone generating 37.58 mW/h. Southburn has also offset the production of 22.06 tonnes carbon dioxide (CO2).

Wind Turbine Generation

We are currently applying for planning permission to erect two 50kW wind turbines at the Decoy location, which we will hope will supply 90% of the unit's electricity requirements, generating an annual saving of approximately £34k. As part of the planning process, we recently held a two day public consultation event here at the Head Office to give local residents the opportunity to see what we are intending. To date, this project has been very well received.

JSR are constantly reviewing other areas in which to reduce energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions. One of these is 'Air' or 'Ground source' heating, which claims to have twice the payback of solar PV systems. Additionally we continue to invest in more fuel efficient tractors as and when they come up for replacement as well as reviewing crop establishment techniques. On the pig production side we are already replacing high energy farrowing lamps with low energy heat maps on all of our commercial units.

JSR are committed to reducing their carbon footprint in today's fast-changing agricultural landscape. We are well placed to produce the food, feedstock for industry, and the renewable energy to meet environmental CO2 targets.