JSR Environment

JSR Keeping The Environment Balance in Credit…

Keeping the environmental balance in credit has become our trademark and features strongly within the JSR ethos.

Over the years JSR has won two prestigious Sliver Lapwing Awards, is an active member of FWAG and became a LEAF Demonstration Farm in 2001, with the aim of showing to a wide audience how to farm in a sustainable way, by demonstrating IFM (integrated farm management) – producing safe healthy food whilst caring for animal welfare and the countryside.

As a supplier to Unilever we are now able to market a proportion of our oilseed under the LEAF Marque. The Unilever 'Sustainable Living Plan' is sourcing oilseed rape for use in its spreads, margarines and mayonnaise products under the certified LEAF Marque scheme through ADM (a large oilseeds processor), and is committed to 100% sustainably sourced oilseeds by 2020. As a result JSR have committed a tonnage of our rape seed under the LEAF Marque label via ADM to Unilever until 2017.

Approximately 10% of the farming area is in Environmental schemes – CSS, ELS and HLS. Wildlife habitat is encouraged by the planting of trees, hedges, grass margins, wild bird mixtures, game strips, beetlebanks, the creation of ponds and reservoirs and partaking in “Operation Bumblebee”.