Commercial Pig Production

At a Glance

The JSR Group currently owns 6,000 sows of which 1,050 are dedicated to nucleus production in turn supplying Grandparent stock to the 1,250 owned multiplication sows. These sows produce Genepacker 90 gilts which are supplied to our 3,700 commercial sows and customers of JSR Genetics.


JSR Pig Production currently employs 46 farm and support staff including a number of apprentices being trained as fully operative replacements for the future.


JSR Pig Production produces breeding stock for JSR Genetics operating on the JSR Select Genetic improvement programme run by the Research and Genetics Team. The multiplication farms are supplied with Grandparent Large White or Landrace gilts from the nucleus to produce both the Genepacker 90 and Genepacker 120 gilts.

Commercial Production

In 2002 the JSR Group took the decision to operate some of the multiplication farms located in lower health areas as commercial facilities. The objective to demonstrate the performance and profit potential from the Genepacker 90 Parent Gilts and Geneconverter Terminal sires.

The commercial sows now number 3,700 across 4 breeding farms using the range of terminal sires.

Production targets set for the units are:

The production units are close to achieving the above targets with the best farm now selling 26.5 pigs per sow annum.


Decoy Finishing Unit

The JSR Group continues to invest to further reduce it’s cost of production and achieve the optimum performance from its products. The increasing feed prices have demonstrated the importance of improving feed efficiency and growth.

On 7th July 2010 the new Decoy Finishing Unit opened. This state of the art facility is one of the largest of its kind in the UK and the only one of its size and nature. It is an 8500 place weaning to finishing facility and will see 20,000 pigs through the system each year.

The unit has a weekly input of 800 animals per week, supplied from our own 1800 sow commercial unit at Haywold. 5 nurseries will house 6 pens of 130 7kg pigs per group. These nursery animals will be fed 4 diets taking them from 7kg to 40kg.

When the animals move through to the finishing sheds a Gro Master Pro Sort finisher system will weigh individual animals and direct them to the relevant feeder according to their weight and feed requirements.

The facility has been designed with the minimum amount of labour required to run the unit. In fact the whole site will be run by only 2 people, with remote monitoring from the JSR head office at Southburn.

The Decoy unit will also be an advertisement for JSR and their Sirelines. JSR believe they have the most efficient Sirelines compared to their competitors but because of the difficulties on measuring FCR their customers do not always see this. Their heads are sometimes turned by the fastest growing Sirelines. Decoy will demonstrate the potential.

Decoy will also be available as a show unit for JSR customers at home and abroad. Too often UK pig producers have to defend the poor standard of finishing facilities in the UK. It is widely acknowledged that the UK has some of the best sow housing in Europe but inferior finishing.

The JSR Arable business also benefits from the Decoy finishing facility. Decoy (770 acres) is a hungry farm and uses more inorganic fertiliser than JSR’S Wold farms. The raw slurry will be separated into liquid and solid gold. It will produce 8000m3 per year which equates to 35 tonnes of Nitrogen, 46 tonnes Phosphate and 75 tonnes Potash. This will not only reduce fertiliser costs but also increase yields. JSR produce 0.25+/acre more yield on land that has regular application of liquid Gold than land that has not. JSR use their own wheat and barley to go into the rations so the system is very well balanced. Apart from the Soya this must be as low a carbon system as you can get in livestock farming.

The ability to be able to measure a large number of variables accurately gives us an ability to undertake meaningful trial work gathering data from 20,000 commercial pigs per year. Whilst the business will benefit from accurate information on feed intake, growth rate, FCR and MTF the R & D team can undertake much more trial work without consuming a lot of labour time on unit.

With the multifast feed system installed in the finishing sheds JSR have the flexibility of delivering different feed blends to individual feeders to meet the animal’s changing requirements. The daily intakes will be recorded daily and along with the average weight will enable us FCR and growth to be monitored daily.

Finally Decoy shows JSR’s commitment and confidence in the future of Pig Production in the UK, demonstrating their long term view in both the UK and International markets. It connects and benefits all parts of the business – JSR Genetics, Commercial Pigs, Arable and Property, uses the latest proven technology, is designed for the pig first and needs excellent people to get the results. State of the art facilities attract good people whilst also allowing JSR’s world class genetics to perform closer to their optimum potential.

The JSR Group also continues to invest in people and has this year developed an apprentice scheme which will continue to identify and train young people with the right attitude to move into permanent positions as they arise. This will use the current certificates of competence as the framework for the scheme.